The Origins of Pokemon – Gotta Catch All Those…Insects

With the release of the game Pokemon Go, the Japanese video game has gone viral. People all around the world are playing this game, which happens to be inspired by the creator’s, Satoshi Tajiri’s, love of collecting bugs as a child. Tajiri grew up in the city of Machida, a once quaint and almost rural area, where he developed a fascination for collecting local bugs and insects. In fact, his love for bugs was so great that he initially wanted to become an entomologist, and was even called “Mr. Bug” by his classmates.

However, as you might have suspected, Tajiri’s interests changed as he matured, and his love for bugs gave way to his love of video and arcade games. This love was so great that he even resorted to cutting classes in high school and almost didn’t graduate. When he decided to try his hand at creating his own video game Tajiri naturally turned to his childhood passion for collecting insects for inspiration. His vision was to create a game where players could actually link to each other’s games so they could not only collect creatures, but also battle them against one another. Who knew something as simple as collecting insects could be translated into one of the most popular video games in the world?

Are you a fan of Pokemon? What childhood hobbies have stuck with you throughout your adult life?

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