Crickets To Be Used In Flour Processing

Two students from the University of Oregon have found a way to introduce crickets as food to the world market. What is most beneficial about using crickets in flour is the fact that no forest land will be lost to make room for production and there seems to be no environmental hazards at all associated with using crickets to process flour. So why flour?

Flour is a common ingredient in many different types of food. If flour that is fortified with protein could be massed produced to replace classic flour, then people would end up getting much more protein in their diet.

The creators of the cricket-flour method believe that using cricket protein in flour will change the world. The two students that came up with the idea know that most people in the world do not receive adequate amounts of protein in their diet. Secondly, they realized, after careful analysis, that protein procured from livestock can not go on forever, and relying on livestock as our only source of protein has led to vast environmental damage and will continue to do so unless a novel method of procuring protein for human consumption comes along. In addition to the new cricket-protein idea, one of the innovators responsible for that idea is also releasing a cookbook, which lists recipes that include the use of a variety of different bugs.

Would you be willing to replace your traditional flour with flour made from crickets? Do you think that the cricket-based flour will work as well as regular flour for culinary purposes?



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