The Cicada Invasion Is In Full Swing

Currently the Midwestern United States is experiencing a serious cicada invasion. Cicada’s are interesting creatures as they burrow underneath the ground for nearly two decades only to reemerge in huge numbers seventeen years later, almost as if they are coming back from the dead, like zombie bugs. This is what is happening in the Midwest right now, and the cicadas are emerging from the ground for the first time since 1999.

So every seventeen years residents of the United States and elsewhere can expect a full blown cicada invasion. The reason for the cicada’s sudden emergence after seventeen years of ground dwelling is to find a mate, and this is why you hear that deafening cicada scream every fall, it is their mating call.

The cicada invasions are intense as they are because the cicadas are all in a mad dash to find a mate and carry on the circle of life before they die. I guess you cannot blame them for being over eager to mate since they have been living underground for seventeen years.

Have you ever found mounds of dead cicadas on your doorstep or around your home during the fall season? Do you find that cicadas try to gain entrance to your home in the fall?

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