Documentary About Eating Bugs May Have You Eating Bugs

Well, not even I can stop harping about the new fad of eating bugs. I hate bugs, but bug-eating is taking America, and other countries, by storm. Now even a guy like me is afraid of creepy-crawlies. But after hearing out a certain documentarians rationales for bug-munching, I am now thinking about at least trying a few crickets, or perhaps grasshoppers in order to confirm the supposed excellent taste. The world may change to a bug-eating paradise now that a popular and informative documentary has just been released that is all about the benefits of eating bugs.

The documentary followed a European based insect-food company as they traveled the world looking for tasty bugs. Additionally, the documentary asks an important question about the health of our planet. The researchers featured in the documentary explore the plethora of benefits that eating insects has on our ecosystem. No matter how much you may shake at the sight of a cricket, there is a good chance that you will at least consider bugs as food after exposing yourself to the reality of a world where bugs are the primary source of protein for all people.

If you eat, or if you have tried eating a bug or several bugs, do you consume them in order to help preserve the good health of the environment? Or do you enjoy the way insects taste?

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