Experts Recommend Using Air Curtains to Help Keep the Zika Virus Out of Your Home

With the Zika virus now having entered the United States, it is more important than ever to adequately protect yourself against this dangerous disease. With no treatment or vaccine available yet, the best way to do that is to prevent mosquito bites. The CDC recommends wearing insect repellent as well as using air conditioning in your home. Jerome Hogsette, the lead scientist at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Mosquito and Fly Research Unit, explained that using air conditioning in your home helps keep mosquitos away because, “Air movement is known to be effective in disrupting insect flight.” In a recent press release he also recommended using air curtains to keep mosquitos from entering your home.

Air curtains are growing in popularity as a way to deter insects from entering buildings as well as for climate control. A number of companies sell them such as Nortek Global HVAC and Berner Intl., however, you might want to check out Williams Comfort Products’ air curtain, as theirs are rated and certified by the National Sanitation Foundation. This means that they are guaranteed to prevent any and all flying insects from infiltrating a building.

Air curtains are the only technology that provides an invisible barrier against flying insects that works even when a doorway is open. They were initially developed for the food service industry as a way to protect a restaurant’s food from insects as well as help control the climate in food pantries (e.g. keeping hot or humid air from entering when someone opens the door). But, since they happen to be a great way to protect peoples’ homes from mosquitos, air curtains are growing in popularity. While things like screen doors and air conditioning are already helpful, eventually someone is going to open a door and provide an opportunity for flying insects to infiltrate your home. Air curtains are the only barriers that can keep flying insects out whether the door is open or closed.

Would you consider buying an air curtain to protect your home from mosquitos?

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