Insects Will Provide The Protein Of The Future

At a recent conference food experts doubted that typical protein rich products, such as fish, beef, and lamb, will be enough to sustain humankind during future decades. Peter Klosse, founder of the Dutch-based Academy of Gastronomy, insists that maggots, snails and crickets will produce the protein of the future. However, Klosse admits that getting the public to accept maggots as a snack will take some work.

The best part about raising bugs for mass protein production is that they do not require much water to survive. Nor do bugs require acres of cleared grazing land like cattle require. By using bugs as our protein we could save more of the earth’s natural resources.

The one problem that the experts at the conference discussed was the public’s disgust for insects, especially maggots. In order to solve this problem food innovators are processing insects so that they do not look like insects once you see them in the grocery store. Whether you like it or not, if you are below the age of fifty, you will probably be eating bugs at some point during your lifetime.

Would you be willing to consume insects if they were processed to look unrecognizable and more appetizing?

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