Why Insects Are The Dominant Organisms On Earth?

Three quarters of all known animals are insects, and there are still four to five million of them waiting to be discovered. According to Edward O. Wilson, a leading entomologist from Harvard, there could be as many as ten quintillion insects alive at any given point in time–that is a lot of zeros!

For a comparison, there exists fewer than seventy thousand vertebrate species. There exist one billion insects for every human alive today. Insects have colonized every continent on earth, even Antarctica. Insects have adapted to life in the air, in the water, and of course, on land. In fact, there are different types of insect that live on us, and are commonly referred to as lice. As soon as humans had hair, insects found a way to adapt to living off of mammalian bodies. Despite the fact that insects are clearly the most numerous animals on earth, researchers are just now beginning to understand how insects succeeded so well on earth during earlier eras.

Are there any insects that have created technologies that are similar to human technologies?

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