Can Heat Destroy Bedbugs?

There is a lot of talk about how bedbugs cannot be gotten rid of once you have them. If you have bedbugs on any clothing or fabric material, then you will most certainly have to throw that away since it is forever tainted with a booming bedbugs population. But is this really the case? Are bedbugs really so incapable of defeat? The answer is “no.” In fact, bedbugs have an enemy that is available to us, and that enemy is heat.

According to a recent study, even brief exposure to heat can kill bedbugs that are burrowing on the outside of your luggage. Researchers placed male bedbugs on the outside covering of several suitcases, and then they proceeded to expose the suitcases to temperatures as high as 167 degrees Fahrenheit. After only six minutes of this exposure, all of the bedbugs were dead, even well sheltered bedbugs. However, before you throw your suitcase into the oven, you may want to call your exterminator just to avoid any possible missteps.

Is there any animal that would not retreat from heat? Have you ever used high heat to kill bedbugs that had found there way onto your personal items?



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