Unidentified Extinct Millipedes Found In Canada

A well known fossil bed located in Canada has turned up a few new species of millipede. The fossilized specimens were discovered by visitors who thought that the creatures encased in rock looked odd. Giant millipedes have been found before in the Canadian fossil bed. One such fossil found years ago indicates that a seven foot millipede used to exist.

The area where the millipede fossils were found used to be covered in forest. Many millipedes are found in fossilized tree trunks. A team of paleontologists from Canada believe that the fossils are three hundred million years old. The researchers also believe that the fossil specimens will likely turn out to be a part of the archipolypod family. This type of millipede has been found in Illinois, The Czech Republic and Great Britain. The researchers have noted that the fossils have not preserved the millipedes very well, and they are still trying to determine whether or not the extinct millipedes possessed a spine.

How long is the longest centipede or millipede that has ever been found?


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