Can Dangerous Spiders Be On Your Fruit?

It is not unheard of for spiders to hitch rides on fruit to eventually wind up in your local grocery store. However, most of the time the spiders that do arrive in our home via fruit are harmless.

As you would suspect, people’s reactions upon finding a spider on there store bought fruit can be quite extreme. Grocery stores have had to pull entire shipments of food after disgruntled customers complained of spiders on their fruit. An entomologist from the University of California at Riverside, Rick Vetter, set out to determine which types of spiders were hitching rides to the US from South America.

The spider that Rick found more than any other type of spider was the huntsman spider. People often mistake the spiders that they find in their fruit as the Brazilian wandering spider, which are fast aggressive and highly toxic. So it may or may not be reassuring to know that out of the 135 spiders that Vetter collected, only seven turned out the Brazilian wandering spider. If you do find a spider in your store bought fruit, however, don’t hesitate to call an exterminator in order to identify the species.

Have you ever found a spider in your store bought fruit?

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