Tough As Nails Spiders That Like to Kill and Eat Fish

Fish don’t have the easiest of lives, what with them being food for everything from Bears, eagles, bigger fish, and even spiders it seems. A recent study found that spiders prey on fish much more than we had previously thought. The review study looked at all the spiders that eat fish on every continent except Antarctica.  Here are the most fearsome fish-eaters out there, and the spiders fish most need to watch out for.

The species of spiders belonging to the pisauridae family are the most skilled in the art of catching fish for their meal. They are responsible for 80 percent of the spider on fish attacks that the study documented. These spiders don’t even bother with having a web, preferring to swim and dive to hunt their fish prey. The spiders from this family that are the most notable killers are the genus Dolomedes, also known as fishing or raft spiders. These spiders don’t hunt solely for hunger, either. They have been known to kill fish even when they weren’t hungry. So, they basically also enjoy just killing fish for fun. That’s just plain cruel.

Another family of spider fish need to watch out for is the Ctenidae family. These spiders are large, nocturnal, and diving spiders. They can stay underwater for 20 minutes to an hour. They are able to breath through air bubbles that stick to hairs surrounding their lungs. Their basic hunting move is to catch their fish prey while diving and inject them with lethal venom, after which they wait to eat their meal until they are back on the surface.

Do you know of any other spiders that eat fish? Why do you think these spiders evolved to eat fish instead of the regular diet of other insects?

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