Four More Newborns In New York City Have Been Born With Zika Related Birth Defects

Last July New York City saw its first in state case of microcephaly, which, for the very few that don’t yet know, microcephaly is a medical condition in which infants are born with deformities that include an abnormally small head and/or brain. Microcephaly is almost exclusive to victims of the Zika virus. All four of the recent infants with microcephaly have been diagnosed with “congenital Zika virus syndrome (CZVS)”.

Being diagnosed with active CZVS is much worse than you may think. For example, infants with the Zika virus are not just born with extreme cranial abnormalities, but many infants are forced to endure the pain that goes along with progressively shortened or hardened muscles and tendons, eye and brain abnormalities and extensive neurological impairment.

So far eight other New York City infants have tested positive for the virus, but not a one of them has yet shown any symptoms. More than two hundred infants have been born to Zika infected mothers in New York City. As of December 2nd eight thousand people in New York City have been tested for the Zika virus, and nine hundred and sixty two of them have tested positive, three hundred and twenty five of them are pregnant women. Let this sad story serve as a reminder that mosquitoes are still around. So stay safe while outdoors, and do not forget the repellent if you absolutely must toy with death.

If someone were to become infected with the Zika virus, is there a chance that they may never know? Or never even become sick?





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