Escaping A Trap Jaw Spider’s Wrath Is Unlikely?

Spiders are amazing creatures. The trap jaw spider can move at speeds that would seem impossible to humans. Researchers with the Smithsonian Institution say that some trap jaw spiders can attack with a “lightning fast bite”.

Trap jaw spiders are native to New Zealand and South America. Entomologists are constantly inquiring into the spider’s ability to jump from one point to another with such distance and precision. Not only that, but researchers learned early on that the trap door spider likely has a strength that dwarfs the relative strength of other spiders. And that strength lies in the force exerted by their jaws once the trap jaw spider snaps its enemy in half. What is most perplexing and will probably remain most perplexing, is this creature’s ability to survive without food for tremendous lengths of time, while showing a contradictory display of hunger.

Which other types of organisms are capable of modifying the placement of their jaws for the purposes of feeding?

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