Hunting Brown Recluse Spiders Is Not As Frightening As It Seems

Holly Schwarting, a University of Kansas researcher in entomology was not ready to face her fear of the dreaded brown recluse when she was given her first field assignment. However, after working in the field only a few times, Holly warmed right up to the seemingly harmless and timid BR.

October and early winter is when the brown recluse goes dormant. Once the spring rolls around and brings a variety of different bugs become available for the BR for sustenance.

Schwarting and her colleagues have now captured hundreds of BR spiders. The researchers studied how a particular BR will react in the long run after being exposed to only particular types of insect prey.  The research team eventually discovered that the BR spider is likely among the most docile spiders around, just as its name would suggest. In fact, the BR will do just about anything to avoid aggressive confrontations, such as hiding for long periods of time. It is hard to believe that this type of spider is responsible for several human fatalities.

Although the brown recluse spider is not aggressively inclined to harm humans, could a numerous presence of BR spiders become aggressive while functioning in their group?

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