Vampire Mites Know How To Sniff Out The Best Blood

For decades scientists have been eagerly researching a type of vampire mite known as the “Varroa mite”. This vampire mite is one of the world’s tiniest and most dangerous parasites, so learning how the parasites operate and behave can help scientists better eradicate this dreaded blood addicted mite.

The vampire mites take a special liking to bees, or their blood to be more precise. The mites are killing off bees in large numbers worldwide by transmitting deadly viruses to the bees. The mites transmit the deadly viruses when they suck the blood of bees.

Previous studies on these awful mites revealed that the mites are capable of carefully choosing particular bees that are preferred by mites. Now, researchers have ascertained that the vampire mite can even determine the relative value of the bee’s blood without even touching a single bee. Despite the tragic loss of millions of bees around the world, the researchers involved with this study are excited to learn more about the forces that drive the evolution of mites.

So far experts have put forth many theories attempting to explain the bee apocalypse, however, different experts are putting forth different explanations as to why so many bees are dropping dead. Which reason have you found to be the most plausible so far?

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