A Hollywood Agent For Snails

You probably don’t think about snails too often. Snails are not the most exciting creatures to watch. Despite how boring snails may be to us, there is a very large demand for snails in show business.

Helen Howard has started a business renting out snails to movie and television studios. Helen fell into the snail-farming business largely by accident. Helen’s daughter had recently graduated with a degree in agricultural science, so Helen and her daughter figured they would put the agriculture degree to good use by farming snails for a living.

Helen is a former biologist herself, and initially she just sold escargot to local restaurants. Helen never would have suspected that she would be raising and managing snails in show business. However, Helen’s favorite use for her snails involves eating them. She is currently cooking the snails with cider before using the snails as a topping on pizza; her second greatest passion seems to be cooking.

Have you ever consumed snails as a delicacy? And if you have, did you like the way they tasted?



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