Insect Pests Are Spreading The Citrus Disease At Alarming Rates

At this time of year the citrus harvest in Louisiana starts bearing big and ripe looking satsumas. However, sometimes a satsumas’ ripe appearance is hiding rotten internal contents of the oranges. The year of 2016 saw a particularly bad case of dry rot in the Louisiana citrus fields. Of course this latest case of dry rot in Louisiana was caused by an insect pest known as the western leaf footed bug.

The leaf-footed frog transmits a yeast to citrus crops that is known as Nematospora coryli. The leaf footed frog causes damage to many different types of crops, not just citrus crops. For example, vegetables, grains, nuts and ornamental plants also count as targets for the leaf footed bugs shenanigans. The leaf-footed frog does prefer to feed on citrus fruits, and it feeds on these fruits by inserting its syringe-like mouthpart into the fruit in order to suck out the contents. The leaf-footed bug normally transmits the disease during the fall season, because of this farmers are encouraged to follow specific guidelines regarding when and where to spray insecticides.

Which crop pest do you think causes the most damage and negative consequences?

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