Bed Bugs on a Bus

A simple eight hour bus ride from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore turned into a nightmare after passengers found bed bugs all over the bus and themselves. One woman woke up a mere hour into the journey to an intense itch, and looked around her to see what had caused it. Right by her feet she saw her first bed bug on the bus. Even after moving to the front of the bus directly by the driver, Ms. Natalie Yap was still finding little beg bugs all around her seat. After she told this to the driver, he simply suggested they had come from her own clothes. By the end of the ride she’d been bitten 30 times, and had caught 15 bed bugs during the drive.

Ms. Yap wasn’t the only passenger to experience hell on earth during this eight hour trip. It turns out that most of the 25 passengers on board the bus suffered from numerous bed bug bites throughout the trip. Passengers posted pictures of the many bed bugs found throughout the bus online, and that bus looks like it was dealing with one serious bed bug infestation. They later discovered that the bus they were riding on had been the “standby bus”, which hadn’t been used in two weeks. I’m guessing no one cleaned it or even did a cursory glance around the bus before loading the passengers that day. The company, Starmart Express, has since announced that the bus has now received a full chemical wash, and that passengers may contact the company for some kind of recompense. Hopefully they’ll get their money back, because I sure wouldn’t dare ride on one of their buses again. What makes this all so much worse is the thought that at least some of these people probably now also have to deal with a bed bug problem at home after riding on the infested bus.

Have you ever caught bed bugs while on vacation? Where did you catch them and how did you end up getting rid of them?

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