Some Spiders Can Become Vegetarians

We all know spiders as creatures that feed on insects, and often other spiders as well, but are there any spiders that practice a veggie only diet? Well, perhaps no spider is completely devoted to veggies, but research shows that spiders eat far more greens than initially thought.

Researchers from the United States as well as the United Kingdom were surprised to find that spider diets are sometimes more diverse than our own diets. For example, some spiders feed on fish, frogs, and bats, but most surprisingly, many spiders don’t seem to mind wolfing down veggies every once in awhile as well.

Once the study was completed the researchers learned that a type of spider known as “salticidae” eats more veggies than any other spider. This type of spider consumes sixty percent of the veggies that all spiders feed on. The study also revealed that spiders will even consume plant feed. Scientists are currently concerned with how well spiders can derive nutrients from plant life.

Have you ever witnessed a spider feeding on plants? Or, if you have had a pet spider, did you ever feed it a plant based food just to see if your pet spider would eat it?

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