What Types Of Insects Can We Expect To See This Winter?

During the winter months, aphids, ladWhat Types Of Insects Can We Expect To See This Winter?ybugs, bean leaf beetles, and many more types of insects avoid migrating for the winter months. Many types of insects do migrate to avoid the cold. In fact, more insects than birds take to the skies each fall in order to travel south for the winter. Most insects that you can think of will either die or travel for the winter. So what types of bugs stick around the northern territories for the winter? Where do the bugs that stay in colder regions go for shelter?

During the winter aphids are known to overwinter as eggs. The aphid’s larvae avoid being eaten by predators because the mother aphid lays her eggs within the buds of wood-like plants. On the other hand, the bean leaf beetles survive the winter cold as adults. Insect pests can even be a problem during the winter months. For example, scale insects will feed on ornamental plants by sucking the plants fluid from its stem via their syringe-like mouths.

Are there any large-scale crops that are farmed during the winter months that may be vulnerable to the few insect pests that stick around during the winter?



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