Do Bees Pollinate Flowers During Colder Seasons?

Peter Bernhardt, a professor of Biology at Saint Louis University’s Bernhardt/Meier Laboratory, has traveled to over six countries during his career solely to study the reproductive habits of wildflowers. Dr. Bernhardt is particularly interested in how bees and plants have evolved for mutual benefit.

One of the Dr’s interesting discoveries had to do with how insects are able to stay warm in regions where flowers bloom in cold weather. Flowers need to be pollinated, even the ones that grow in the colder northern regions of the world. In order for the pollinating insects to survive their winter pollination duties they creep into little black and purple patches located on the flowers that they pollinate. These little shelters keep cold-blooded insects warm so that they can continue pollinating. The Dr. of Biology’s ultimate goal is to determine the influence climate change has on an insect’s ability to successfully pollinate plants.

Have you ever witnessed an insect in the process of pollination in near freezing temperatures?

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