One Of The Most Dangerous Insects In The World Has Been Found On US Soil

A shipment of beans that arrived in the United States at Port Huron contained remnants of a highly invasive insect pest that is native to India. The shipment was first inspected by US border patrol agents. An official representing the US Customs and Border Protection mentioned that the particular shipment of beans, known as mung beans, has been listed as a high-risk export since the dangerous insects pest being discussed are attracted to mung beans.

The remains of the invasive insect were not immediately identified until a few weeks later when entomologists working for the United States Department of Agriculture identified the remains as belonging to the destructive khapra beetles. The khapra beetle is native to Southeast Asia, and they are often found infesting stored food products. The khapra beetles are considered to be among the one hundred most devastating invasive insects in the world. Any shipment bound for the US from southeast Asian regions are now thoroughly searched, and even a shipment containing a single partial remain of a khapra beetle is denied entry to the United States.

Has there been any other invasive insect/s that have migrated to the US via shipping freighters? And if yes, what type of insect/s?

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