Which Spiders Cannot Make Webs?

When you hear the word “spider” there is a good possibility that an image of a spider web pops into your head. However, web spinning may not be as common as you assume, as only about half of all known spider species create webs to catch prey.

The spiders that don’t spin webs instead feed themselves by actively hunting for their prey, instead of sitting around lazily by a web. Among those spiders that hunt for prey are the jumping spiders, ground spiders, sac spiders and some species of wolf spider. Other non-web spinning spiders don’t hunt their prey, but instead sit in wait for their prey, and these types of spiders include crab spiders and trapdoor spiders.

Hunting spiders do, in fact, use silk, but not to make webs. Instead hunting spiders use silk to nourish the egg sac or, in some cases, to build a shelter.

Have you ever seen a spider shelter made from spider silk in the wild?

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