The World’s Largest Insect Farm

Ynsect is one of the world’s biggest farmers if insects, and is planning on increasing their output in the coming year. The new approval of using insects for fish feed by the EU has come at the perfect time for Ynsect. The company has raised a total of $37 million over the last three years from public and private sources, which they are now planning to use to increase their capacity at their pilot center in Jura, France. They are planning on building the largest insect farming unit in the world. This monstrous facility will have the ability to produce a minimum of 20,000 metric tons of insect protein in a single year.

Ynsect is best known for their product “TMP” (Tenebrio molitor protein), which is an insect protein meal made out of mealworm larvae. TMP is not just any ordinary animal feed made out of insect protein. It is actually the only insect protein produced that considerably improves the animal’s growth and health. Not only does Ynsect’s insect protein meal actually improve the health of the animals consuming it, but the company also uses special software connected to sensors that ensure that the insects they are farming have the highest possible welfare standards. I don’t know about you, but this is the first I’ve heard of an insect farmer actually caring about the living conditions and welfare of the insects they are farming.

Would you support buying from an insect farming company like Ynsect, that has such high standards for the welfare of it’s insects, as well as the quality of it’s insect meal? Would you feed your fish with their insect protein meal?

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