Can Hedge Apples Really Repel Spiders?

There is a common belief, especially in the Midwest, that hedge apples from the Osage orange tree can successfully ward off spiders. Although the practice differs, most people put these hedge apples around their walls during the fall in order to ward off spiders. So does this method actually work?

It turns out that hedge apples don’t work to ward off spiders even in the slightest. First of all, most, if not all, of the spiders that you encounter inside of your home actually live in your home full time, and outdoor spiders stay outdoors, so there are not even any spiders that invade your home to begin with. Second of all, spiders rarely show any signs of being able to detect airborne odors, and that includes the supposed anti-spider aroma of hedge apples. Some people who practice this silly method claim that it is not spiders but actually roaches that die near hedge balls. Save yourself the time and stick with the raid.

Have you ever resorted to any method of killing spiders that is similar to the hedge apple method?

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