The Farmers New Tool In The War Against Slugs

Even though insecticides work great for farmers, they may have a new tool at their disposal for ridding their crops of damaging slug life. You may not have realized that slugs have been known to cause problems for many a farmer, and although we hear more about spider and insect pests, slugs are still a force to be reckoned with on just about every farm.

A certain type of nematode has been proven to infect and kill crop damaging slugs. This nematode has been available to farmers in Europe for the past twenty years. However, the nematode is not yet approved for use by farmers in the United States.

Although the nematodes have proven useful on many different types of crops in the past, researchers are specifically interested in how well nematodes kill slugs that infest maize crops. It was determined that using nematodes as anti-slug remedy was highly effective, but other chemicals would have to be added to the crops along with the slugs in order to obtain optimal results.

Have you ever heard of people using live organisms as insecticides?

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