Opossums Get a Bad Rap

Opossums don’t tend to be everyone’s favorite wild animal neighbor, with many considering them to be nothing more than really big rodents. But, these critters aren’t so bad. They are blamed for everything from killing chickens to knocking over someone’s garbage cans, but these rather quiet critters are easy to send on their way and rarely present any kind of real threat to us.

Most people complain about opossums just being around even if they haven’t caused any actual damage. While they don’t generally kill chickens or knock over garbage cans, they are more than happy to help clean up the mess made by others, usually sticking them at the scene of some other animal’s crime. The most an opossum will do to scare away a curious human is hiss at you and then play dead if that doesn’t work. You can easily keep them out of your yard or near your house by simply making sure your garbage cans have tight lids, not leave any food lying around outside including pet food or fruit that has fallen from any nearby trees, and keep any sheltered areas such as under your house securely closed off with wire or fencing. If you think a mother opossum nay be making a home for herself and her babies under your deck or patio, the best thing to do is wait until she leaves her den (around two hours after dark), which she will do while taking her babies with her as mother opossums don’t go anywhere without their babies, and then loosely block up the hole she uses to get in and out with straw or netting. This will allow anything still inside to find a way out, but keep any outside critters from getting back in. However, if you think you might need more than this to get these critters out of your home, make sure to call wildlife rescue to come and take care of it safely.  Do not put yourself in any danger that might arise, and leave the hard work to the professionals.

Have you ever had to get rid of opossums on your property? What did you do and how did you end up getting rid of them?

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