A Unique And Never Before Seen Scorpion Has Been Found In The Grand Canyon

Scorpions have been found at the northern rim of the Grand Canyon. So what is the big deal, right? There are scorpions all over the southwest United States because everyone knows that scorpions dwell in desert land. Yes, there are many scorpions in the southwestern US desert, and that includes the region of Arizona containing the Grand Canyon. However, these recently discovered scorpions are not like any other, since they have no eyes.

These particluar scorpions are refferred to as “pseudoscorpions.” This is because, unlike typical scorpions, these psuedoscpropions have no venomous stinger in addition to not having any eyes. Experts believe that these new and evasive scorpions evolved to not have eyes or a stinger since they have dwelled within pitch dark caves for thousands of years. After a while of living in a cave, the scorpions must not have gotten much use out of their stinger since they could not see, and their prey consists of tiny insects that are too small to impale with a stinger. The cave where this new species of scorpion was discovered is known for containing the greatest amount of cave dwelling organisms than any other cave in the Grand Canyon.

If you have been to the Grand Canyon did you notice any arthropod life? If so, what types of arthropods did you see?



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