Dandelion Growth May Be On The Rise To Save Several Insect Species From Extinction

Everybody hates weeds, and dandelions are certainly weeds. Dandelions do not seem good for much, they are not too pretty and a bundle of dandelions would disappoint any prospective date. However, dandelions are good for many things, such as keeping us alive.

Many city planners make efforts to remove dandelions from city property, especially where residents congregate. City planners and council members also institute measures to remove dandelions regularly because they attract a variety of different bugs. But this may not be a wise idea in the long run as many of the bugs that dandelions attract are necessary to maintain the ecosystem. Insects such as bees, pollen beetles, moths and butterflies are the most necessary to the proper functioning of the ecosystem. All of these bugs, and many more rely on dandelions for food, so the next time you mow your lawn, it might not be a bad idea to try to spare just a few of your dandelions.

Have you ever noticed a large insect population near a dandelion? And have you noticed a decrease in the dandelion population during the recent years?

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