A New Kitchen Appliance Is Able To Breed Mealworms For Eating

It may be too early to tell how well people living in the western parts of the world will respond to the global push to convince westerners to eat insects. However, even though your friends and neighbors may not have adopted the bug-eating fad yet, many entrepreneurs and investors cannot contain their excitement towards this new growing industry. For example, two enterprising twentysomethings, Katharina Unger and Julia Kaisinger, have recently developed a method that allows consumers to breed their own insects for consumption.

According to the two young entrepreneurs, the breeding device will allow consumers to breed up to five hundred grams of mealworms in just one week. Apparently those who purchase this kitchen bug farm are supposed to freeze their mealworms and then cook them when the time is right.

With this bug-breeding kitchen appliance lucky owners can cook their bugs like hamburger patties, or roast them, or you could blend your tasty mealworms with pasta sauce. It is good to hear that the free market has finally offered consumers a bug farm for their culinary needs.

Would you purchase a device like the one discussed? Do you believe the device will be successful? Why or why not?



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