Some Possum Species Are In Danger Of Becoming Extinct From Mass Logging Operations

These days, as a result of climate change it seems as though every animal is approaching extinction. One such animal that is endangered of becoming extinct is the leadbeater possum. As a result of decades of logging forests, the leadbetter is, without a doubt, becoming extinct. In fact, experts estimate that if the logging industry continues to disregard the natural habitat of many forest dwelling animals, the leadbetter will become extinct within the next thirty years easily.

Many experts agree that many endangered forest dwelling animals can be saved by simply expanding the areas that are currently preserved for the well being of animal wildlife. If the logging continues researchers believe that the leadbeater possum will be the first forest dwelling animal to become extinct as a direct result of the destructive force that is the logging industry. Some of the world’s leading wildlife experts are currently pushing for policies that will allow for the expansion of certain areas where forest wildlife is guaranteed to continue without being impeded by modern industry.

Have you ever encountered a possum of any sort? If you have, how did the possum behave once it took note of your presence?

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