Should You Take The Risk To Rescue A Raccoon That May Die Otherwise?

It is not uncommon for people to spot raccoons near small bodies of water, and sometimes they can get themselves into troubling situations that may cost raccoons their lives. There have been numerous reports made to animal control centers across the United States that describe situations where raccoons seemed trapped on all sides by water during floods and heavy downpours. The question is, should you go out of your way to help a raccoon that is surrounded by violent waves?

One wildlife specialist insists that it is rarely, if ever, necessary to assist a raccoon that looks to be in need of a hand. The fact is, although many people do not realize this, is that floodplains are a raccoons natural habitat, and by gravitating towards areas heavy in water, raccoons are only doing what is natural to them. Even if  a raccoon looks to be scared and cold, it does not need our help as it is perfectly adapted at dealing with situations involving heavy water. All in all, rescue missions for raccoons, would likely become an even more dangerous situation for everyone involved.

Have you ever spotted a raccoon near violent water rapids, and were not sure if you should lend it a hand?

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