Researchers Want You To Catch The Ticks You Find On You And Your Pets

As you probably already know, ticks do not dwell in every US state. In fact, the tick is largely limited to the northern areas of the United States, but they can be found farther south, especially in Midwestern regions. So when it comes to studying ticks, researchers often rely on the public to provide specimens for them.

The Maine Medical Center Research Institute along with the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, are encouraging the general public to collect tick specimens from the areas where they live in order to send them in to proper health officials. This will help public health officials to better map the spread of Lyme disease.

Sometimes the maps that result from carefully collected tick specimens can lead to knowledge regarding tick movement. This knowledge allows researchers to notify the proper public health officials of a Lyme disease risk before the disease arrives. Cases of Lyme disease are only increasing each year, and every single county in Maine alone has residents that experience the negative effects of Lyme disease regularly in some way or another.

Have you ever known anyone that had to endure the pains of Lyme disease?


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