Should You Still Be Worried About Contracting Rabies?

Although you may not hear too many stories about people falling victim to the rabies virus, there are still plenty of rabies cases reported around the United States, and elsewhere, today. Researchers from the University of Georgia’s Ecology department are attempting to eradicate the virus entirely.

The researchers, as you would expect, have seen their share of raccoons while out in the field. Around ninety percent of rabies cases reported in the United States were transmitted by wild animals, and thirty percent of those wild animals are raccoons. In fact, there have been efforts to eradicate the rabies virus for years now. Some of these efforts include lobbying lawmakers to create laws that make the spread of rabies more improbable, such as requiring domestic dogs and cats to receive the rabies. There are, luckily, very few confirmed cases of rabies in the US relative to other countries, but according to the World Health Organization you should definitely visit the hospital if you have recently sustained a bite from a bat or raccoon.

Have you ever been worried that you may have had rabies?

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