Robotic Insects Are Now Speedier Than Real Insects

Humans and other vertebrates run faster the less their feet hit the ground. However, this is not the case with organisms that possess six or more legs. Rather these leggy creatures run faster the more they have all of their legs on the ground. Due to this advantage on the part of bugs, engineers often create robots that move in a manner similar to insects. Despite this seemingly sensible scientific tradition, some engineers are now claiming that having more legs may not necessarily be such a great model for robotics.

Researchers have recently developed advanced algorithms to determine if more legs always equates to faster speeds. Remarkably, the results showed that insects would actually be faster if they were bipedal. So why do insects have multiple legs if two legs is more optimal? Researches believe that insects are still better off with more than two legs since they have to use their legs to climb vertical surfaces. When a spider is climbing upwards, it is better to have two sets of three legs sticking to a vertical surface as opposed to two legs.

Are there any animals that have six or more legs and are not insects or arachnids?



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