A Brand New Species Of Opossum Has Been Found

A Brand New Species Of Opossum Has Been Found

An entirely new species of opossum has been found in plane sight at a museum. Biologist, Silvia Pavan, discovered the unfamiliar opossum when a specimen was brought to the museum where she worked. After carefully analyzing the opossum, she realized that there were already specimens of this mysterious opossum being kept in museum collections. The reddish brown hair covering this newly found opossum is similar to another species of opossum known as Monodelphis saci, which is a name taken from a similar looking gnome from South American folklore.

Much like the saci, this still unnamed species of opossum is also sporting a reddish coat. Opossums originated from South America, and they quickly dispersed to the North American continent, reaching regions as far north as Virginia. Since the opossum is so widely distributed, there could still be several unnamed species of opossum still active in the wild.

Have you ever spotted an opossum with a colored fur coat, or a coat that was not white or black?


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