Health Officials Aim To Correct The Trend Of Misdiagnosing Spider Bites

Have you ever woken up one morning to find a reddish, circular and slightly swollen bump on your body that contained two distinct marks? You probably assumed that your wound was caused by a spider bite given the two marks that resemble puncture points made by spider fangs. However, according to many doctors, these wounds are typically not indicative of a spider bite. As a result of all the misdiagnosis that have taken place over the years regarding spiders, doctors are looking to educate themselves as well as the public as to how to properly identify a dangerous spider bite.

Brown recluse bites do not become too swollen, rather these bites are usually flat with a pale mark in the middle, and there will not be any oozing of pus unless you sustain a bite on your eyelid or toes. Since brown recluse venom destroys tiny blood vessel when they bite you, the mark they leave is not as red as you would think. The center is pail, while the surrounding flesh is light red or purple. If the center is red, then a harmless spider probably bit you. If you believe that you have sustained a wound from a black widow or brown recluse then you should check into the ER at your earliest convenience.

Have you ever woken up in the morning to find a huge spider bite? If yes, did the wound require treatment?

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