Smithereen Pest Management Staff Updates, 2012-2013

 Smithereen says a fond farewell to retiring Chicago exterminator, Joe Grimes, after 30 years of service.After almost 30 years of incredibly loyal service, Joe Grimes has
finally decided to let the pests breathe easy as he enjoys his much deserved retirement. Joe was a cornerstone at Smithereen and was not only loved by his customers but by everyone that he worked with. He will be greatly missed by everyone and we wish him the best! Hopefully he comes and visits. (9/13/2013)
The SELECT Team came together for the Lurie’s ChildrenOur Pest Management Team at the Walk Benefiting the Lurie's Children's Hospital
Hospital Walk for Kids 5K. This event had a special place in our hearts as one of our team member’s son uses the hospital for care. We walked, ran, and cheered in his name, Justin Henry, as Justin’s Speedy Centipedes. It was a great day for all as Chicago didn’t not disappoint with the weather as we came together and cheered our cause. (5/17/2013)
Smithereen’s SELECT was at it again with the Lake County
Forest Preserve to help restore our natural habitat by physically removing the invasive plant Garlic Mustard from its forest floors.  This plant blankets our natural ecosystem and makes it very difficult for native plants to flourish. As we combed the forest floor for Garlic Mustard we became experts at finding and pulling! That day we learned about our natural ecosystem and the massive efforts it takes to preserve it as we became stewards of the land. (5/11/2013)
Smithereen had its second day at the Greater Chicago FoodOur Pest Management Solutions Team Helped Pack 650 Boxes of Oranges for the Chicago Food Depository
Depository, our task ORANGES.  We joined with almost 50 other devoted volunteers to pack over 650 boxes of oranges coming in at over 23,000lbs.  It was a messy job making sure every organge was suitable to eat rewarding knowing that we were providing fresh fruit to a community in need.  Look for our next SELECT adventure soon. (3/16/2013)
Our Chicago Exterminator Team Members Volunteering for the Chicago Food Depository
Smithereen started the year right with a day at the Greater Chicago Food Depository as part of its Smithereen SELECTvolunteer program. 14 Smithereen employees volunteered their Saturday to sort over 10,000 pounds of potatoes into 216 cases. The cases then made their way to various shelters in Cook County. Chicago Food Depository is one of Smithereen’s many partners as we strive to improve our communities through company wide volunteer efforts. You can also see they had a lot of fun working as team. 1/5/2013
Our Pest Control Company Holiday Party in 2012President Jack Jennings shows off his dance moves at the Smithereen holiday party.  Not only is it a great time to come together with family, friends, and co-workers to celebrate the holidays, it’s also a time to plan for our future by building the Jennings’ Educational Fund with a huge raffle drawing.  The fund is matched by the Jennings family and then is distributed to any employee or employee’s children for education related needs like tuition and books.  This is one of Smithereen’s employee programs we are the most proud of so Jack has a lot to dance about. 12/8/2012

Dick Jennings was Smithereen’s President and ownerOur Pest Removal Services Company President, Dick Jennings, Receives Life Time Achievement Award from the Greater Chicago Pest Management Alliance for over 30 years. He was a beloved leader and an inspiration to his loyal staff. His recent passing touched every one of his employees. The Greater Chicago Pest Management Alliance bestowed to him a Life Time Achievement Award for his contributions to the pest management industry throughout his long career. Please see the link below to watch his son and new president, Jack Jennings accept the award on his behalf. 10/20/2012

Jack’s acceptance speech

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